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    Coronavirus Update - (5/14/20)


    Coaches, Players, Families,

    With Governor DeWine reopening the State of Ohio in a phased approach through the month of May, we want our Throwbacks families to know we continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely. Our priority is the health and safety of our players and their families.

    At this time, there is not a defined timeline for leagues, games, or tournaments to be played but it is our hope that there will be baseball in the summer of 2020. Several of these entities are targeting the early part of June to start gameplay. We also understand that our players are eager to get outside, play baseball, exercise, and have fun. Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton on Monday, May 11 indicated that they will continue to provide guidance however they stated they do not want to micro-manage youth activities and stress that we not return to normal activities.

    With that said, we are still under a no game, no scrimmage policy, however Teams, at the discretion of the Head Coach, may choose to have voluntary workouts beginning May 15 under the following guidelines:

    • Strictly voluntary
    • Each player & family may opt not to participate in workouts at this time for any reason without repercussion
    • Workouts are to follow Gov. DeWine's social distancing guidelines
    • Small group workouts keeping players at a safe distance, approximately 6 feet from each other
    • No sharing of equipment or any personal belongings
    • No indoor workouts permitted, only outdoor
    • No workout at a facility/park that is closed

    These guidelines are for non-high-school players. High-School players at this time, may not work out with any non-school team until May 29. We are all hoping that our players can return to a new normal soon and understand these are very difficult times. We will continue to monitor Gov. DeWine's guidance policies and make any adjustments as needed. Thank You,

    Bob Seymour - Director of Operations






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