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Throwbacks Player Safety

The Gem City Throwbacks organization and it's members are dedicated to player safety both on and off the field.  With the safety of our players in mind, all Gem City Throwbacks' coaches and officials complete certified safety training courses which include topics such as concussions.  These safety courses allows our coaches and officials to act as first responders in such events, while also giving them the tools to identify safety factors before they occur to properly treat and prevent future occurrences.
 Furthermore, in promoting a safe and a fun, learning environment for all players, families, and fans, each Gem City Throwbacks' coach and official goes through an interview and screening process prior to being offered a position within the organization.  After a position is offered, each coach and official will undergo a background check prior to each season to ensure that all members of the Gem City Throwbacks organization are compliant and meet our code of conduct standards.